Lists: A Year Reviewed in Receipts


As a year-end ritual, I gave my wallet a master cleanse. I threw away all of the waxy-paper receipts and ticket stubs preventing the clasp from closing properly. The fistful of paper gave me a glimpse of my 2011: the wonderful, the mundane, the priorities, the increasing paranoia about aging, the goodbyes, and the missed opportunities. Here’s a brief review of my year, as told through the filing system of my wallet.

  • 5 receipts from Target, 4 from Ellie’s Bridal, 3 from Polly Sue’s Vintage
  • Ticket stub for Cherry Blossom Bombshells vs. Scare Force One Rollerdery on 1/15, left early to go to the secret Dismemberment Plan show at Galaxy Hut
  • $370 for a pair of Oliver People’s glasses, replacing ones that the plumber “misplaced”
  • $2.12 for a toothbrush at Logan Airport, 2 hours after learning that a friend collapsed at a bus station in Queens
  • $97.52 at Coup de Foudre
  • $2 to notarize a friend at the UPS store as our marriage officiant
  • $80 to get the car towed from Dulles Airport Parking lot after the honeymoon
  • $14 at the Aqua Bar in Asbury Park after seeing Jeff Mangum for the first time
  • Too much money for a mid-century sidetable to fit our new (larger) house
  • $32.34 for “Wise Woman” facial products
  • $37 (not including tip) for one final haircut before my favorite stylist moved to San Francisco
  • $34 at Dodge City to celebrate a friend’s 30th
  • $10 for a last breakfast at Florida Avenue Grill, before friends moved to Brooklyn and Gainesville, respectively
  • A free movie ticket, expired 12/23

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